Check DNC Registry at 1.6 Cents

With the new PDPC ruling effective on 1 January 2014, every entity need to check their database
with "IDA/PDPC National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry" before you can Call / Fax / SMS.

The cost of checking with IDA/PDPC directly start from 2 Cents, depends on your quantity.

You may be asking, why are we cheaper? - We are checking in huge volume

How it works?

How it works?

Prepare your database in Excel/CSV/Txt Format & upload to this website.

Prepare your database in Excel/CSV/Txt Format

STEP 1. We will filter internally for you, using the following criteria
- numbers that are 8 digit numeric long and starts with 3, 6, 8, and 9.
STEP 2. We will send the valid numbers to PDPC's website for checking.
Once PDPC's website has returned the result to us, we will format the result for you.
Then you can download the CLEAN and DO NOT CALL list. Take note of the expiry date.
After the expiry date, you will need to recheck your database again.

Get your list filtered!

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Questions & Answers

Q. How soon can I receive the result after I submit?
A. You will receive the result within 24 hours. We need to wait for PDPC's website return to us the result. We will notify you via email

Q. What is validity period?
A. Here is what the rule say
When you check your database with PDPC's DNC Register between 2 Jan 2014 - 31 May 2014, you may use valid database for 60 days

When you check your database with PDPC's DNC Register between 1 June 2014 - 1 July 2014, you may use the valid database until 31 July 2014

When you checkyour database with PDPC's DNC Register after 2 July 2014, you may use the valid database for the next 30 days

Q. How does work?
A. You can sign up an account with us. You then submit your database to us and we will submit it to PDPC's DNC Registry for checking. You need to ensure you have enough credits for checking. If you do not have enough, you can purchase online when you log into your account

Q. Are my contacts confidential?
A. Yes. It is our company policy that we not sell contacts

Q. Is there any setup fee?
A. There is no setup fee or monthly fee for using our service. We only charged for checking with PDPC DNC Registry

Q. With the CLEAN database, can I use it with One Way SMS?
A. Yes, you can. With the result, you can copy and paste all the cleaned contacts into One Way SMS's system or you may upload the CSV file

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